TEDxHeriotWattUniversity 2016

Our second conference, held on Saturday 8th of October 2016 was a sold-out successful event.
With 10 speakers presenting on a huge variety of topics, the event truly followed the TED ethos, of "Ideas Worth Spreading"

A YouTube playlist of all the event's talks is available by clicking the button below

TEDxHWU 2016 YouTube Playlist

Dr Richard Carter

Ultrafast laser processing uses laser bursts around 0.000000000000000001 seconds long to join together two objects with heat. Even 1 watt of power released in an extremely short space of time prevents the heat from having a chance to spread to the surroundings, and interfering with the material's properties. This allows for extreme precision, and allows materials such as glass and metal to be welded together.

Sharon Wallace

By developing the conversations about this topic, Sharon wants to engage with organisations, businesses and society in general, looking at the challenges faced by women in leadership roles. How does society perceive female leaders, and what we can collectively do to improve this?

Professor Stephen Salter

Now working on climate engineering, Salter has pioneered a method of marine cloud brightening - wherein a fleet of vessels would spray a very fine mist of water into the air, help to bounce sunlight back into space, and thus mitigate the effects of increasing global temperatures due to climate change.

Dr. Sue Thomas

Every piece of clothing we own has a story, whether it is made of cotton grown in a field, or polyester pumped out of an oil rig. Our choices dictate what story the clothes tell, and it is our duty to ensure we minimise our impact on humanity.

Prof. Marc Desmulliez

We live in a world in transition, where some natural resources are about to be depleted, traditional manufacturing processes show their limits and humankind is more conscious of its responsibility for our planet. There will be a discussion on how some scientists, engineers and architects are re-learning old lessons from nature to propose to the world a better future.

Jillian Haslam

It is incredibly difficult to move countries, jobs, understand different cultures, behavioural patterns, withstand weather conditions and so much more and yet want to succeed at everything initially set out to achieve. Jillian will examine aspects of the exponential change we're dealing with today and explore how we can manage this transition effectively using the power of our Irrepressible Mind.

Rossie Stone

As a dyslexic artist, Rossie used his own experience with education to create comics as an aid to learning. The comics have been successful with children of varying ages and learning styles, including (if not especially) those with dyslexia and autism. This work has resonated with people all over the world and been featured on BBC News and STV.

Ben Twist

Climate Change is real, it is happening every passing minute, and it is going to change our closing future and the way we live. Culture and Arts then, are in the roots of this major social transition.