Jillian Haslam is an author, motivational Speaker & Philanthropist (www.jillianhaslam.com). Jillian previously worked in the banking sector for over twenty years before choosing to pursue her passion to help the less fortunate.
She now runs her own business to help fund her charitable initiatives for the Aged, Children, The Youth, The Disabled & Women in need.

Her book Indian.English. based on her life story is now an international best seller and is being converted into a Hollywood movie(www.indianenglishthebook.com).

Jillian is a very popular and sought after speaker with corporate organizations. She has extensively spoken on myriad topics at many forums and with some of the leading international organizations such as TEDx, Cambridge, Barclays, Kings College in London and many others. 

It is incredibly difficult to move countries, jobs, understand different cultures, behavioural patterns, withstand weather conditions and so much more and yet want to succeed at everything initially set out to achieve. Jillian will examine aspects of the exponential change we're dealing with today and explore how we can manage this transition effectively using the power of our Irrepressible Mind.

Jillian’s style is highly engaging, positive and is guaranteed to hold the interest of all attendees.